Our Business Model

  • Our Proven Track Record is the critical success factor in creating value for our business partners.
  • Our Sound Financial Resources support our business partners in growing successful businesses together.
  • Our ASEAN Presence is the excellence platform for our business partner to leverage in expanding their business in the region.
  • Our Extensive Industry Knowledge signify our dynamism and innovation in helping out business partners to grow their business in major industries.

Sales & Distribution

We are specializing in sales & distribution of industrial materials.

We offer a cost effective and efficient route to gain access to customers in South East Asia region.

With our strategically located sales offices and warehouses, we are able to get the products to reach end-users on time and affordably.

We have global business partners from major continents in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Our teams of dedicated and experienced sales and sales support personnel will ensure carry out the product and its brand in professional and proper presentation in the marketplace.

With our strong network in marketplace, we are well positioned to provide up-to-date market information.

Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals

Texchem Malaysia Sdn Bhd, an ISO9001:2015 certified company, was established in August 1973 to serve the booming textile industry back then.

Today, the company manufactures an exhaustive array of textiles auxiliaries and finishing chemicals at our plant in Prai Industrial Estate, Penang and exports our products to our customers in ASEAN, China, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

Our product range includes specialty chemicals for “iron-free garments”, fabric softeners, laundry chemicals, textiles finishing agents, dyeing and printing auxiliaries.

Recently, we have also diversified our business into other industries such as manufacturing of former cleaner, anti-tack agent and polymer coating for latex gloves industry.